Importance of cleansing

Importance of cleansing

When it comes to important skincare products, you might think your serums take the cake. All those yummy actives, turning your skin into the best version of itself - right?! And if not those, it MUST be sunscreen?! Yes, but no. We're talking cleansers today, and why face cleansers are much more important than you might've thought previously.

When it comes to cleansing, there seem to be two schools of thought - there's the group that claims that you don't need to wash your face, and then the one that thinks you shouldn't overcomplicate it and just wash your face which whatever you fancy, as long as it doesn't strip your skin. And THEN there're the skincare lovers who want you to double cleanse your face no matter what.

"Really, all that matters when it comes to selecting a cleanser is that you're using something that does its job and won't strip your skin. … So that means it's key to avoid ingredients like parabens which can dry out the skin and possibly irritate your complexion."

Why your skin can be stripped

The outer layer of your skin (stratum corneum) consists of cells (filled with natural moisturising factors NMF) and lipids that bind them together like a brick wall. And while surfactants are great for removing dirt, dust and grime from your skin, they're ALSO great for removing oil (lipids), because they're oil loving. This might lead to a compromised skin barrier and trans epidermal water loss, because suddenly, the mortar between your bricks is missing and your nice wall isn't impenetrable anymore. (It isn't, anyway, but I like the metaphor.)
A healthy skin barrier, though, is not only the key to hydrated skin - it also keeps out microorganisms and pollution; stressors, in short, that lead to aging signs in your skin.

Solution - Dr Leah Skincare Foaming Cleanser

Packed with radiance-reviving ingredients, this daily foaming cleanser gently removes oil build-up and impurities from the surface of the skin. Delivered in a foaming gel, the cleanser is enriched with Jasmine Flower Extract and Evening Primrose to help soften and smooth the skin while improving the overall texture. Free from harsh ingredients, the cleanser boasts powerful antibacterial properties from Neroli Flower Oil to target breakouts and balances the production of sebum.

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